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73 Ximen Street, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

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KinGrace Hotel: 73 Ximen Street, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

About us

Changshu KinGrace Hotel, a five-star hotel with European classical style.

Changshu KinGrace Hotel is invested and operated by Jinhaihua Food & Beverage Group, which is well known in the Yangtze River Delta. After thousands of days of legendary creation, it inherits the European classical lineage and has a noble and beautiful temperament.

Located in the center of Changshu, a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River, KinGrace Hotel shuttles between the wonderful mountain scenery and luxury feelings at the foot of Yushan Mountain. The main building of the hotel is divided into two phases. It is designed according to five-star standard and has 192 nature rooms. Special introduction of King Koll Sleep System in the United States, each bed has the most thoughtful memory, so that every guest can enjoy the sleep memory of the presidential suite.

KinGrace Hotel is equipped with many catering items, such as Yudi Xuan-Chinese Restaurant, Xiaocheng Xiangye Zero Restaurant, Hepburn Garden Slow-tune Western Restaurant, Happy Hour Restaurant, Lixin Lobby Bar, Lijia Banquet Hall, etc. It gathers the essence of multi-element delicacies of Jinhai Hua Food Group for many years, and is exquisite and authentic. The hotel leisure center is equipped with fitness club, top-level mountain view endless swimming pool, Siyan Beauty and Body-building Center, tea bar, book bar, and supporting top-level business functions.

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