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KinGrace Hotel goes all out to meet the five-star review

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      According to the work plan of the National Star Jury, on Nov. 3, 2015, the KinGrace Hotel in Changshu will receive the re-evaluation inspection after being honored as a national five-star hotel. In order to pass the star review smoothly and speed up the review process, the five-star review working group was set up in KinGrace Hotel to co-ordinate the inspection work. The general manager of the hotel, Hu Zhaoming, personally took the lead, arranged the preparatory work for the review, and worked out the review work programme in strict accordance with the new edition of "Classification and Evaluation of Stars in Tourist Hotels". In order to ensure that the hotel passes the review smoothly and achieves excellent results, we should conduct a survey one by one and actively rectify it.
      The KinGrace Hotel opened on January 16, 2009 and won the title of "China's Five-Star Tourism Hotel" in May, 2011. Over the past five years, adhering to the service concept of "conveying true feelings and creating value", serving the public with "delicacy, warmth, comfort and taste", not arrogant and impatient, and always strictly demanding oneself in accordance with the five-star standard, we have successfully completed various important reception tasks, which has been highly praised by people from all walks of life, in order to shape a good hotel in Changshu City. The image of tourism industry has made its due contribution. Nowadays, the five-star review of KinGrace Hotel is imminent. The hotel leaders have made clear and implemented the key tasks and preparatory items of the five-star review, and deployed the key work from the aspects of facilities, equipment, management, service quality, energy saving and consumption reduction, enterprise culture and other software and hardware. The Hotel calls on all staff to participate, and requires all departments to organize, carry out and implement the Star Review Work Plan in strict accordance with the Star Review Standard, improve the material for the inspection, improve the quality of operation, and do a good job of self-examination, self-correction and self-evaluation. At present, all kinds of work are progressing effectively as planned.
      One is to set up a leading group for self-examination. After receiving the notification of star-rated hotels'review, the hotel has set up a leading group for evaluative review, which is headed by General Manager Hu Zhaoming, vice-chaired by team members and headed by Department heads. At the same time, through holding mobilization meetings, internal propaganda boards, pre-class meetings and other forms, to widely publicize to employees, staff awareness of 99%, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, for the hotel evaluation review work laid a good foundation.
      Second, we should carry out self-examination and rectification. According to the work programme, organize learning to carry out three-dimensional self-examination of hotel hardware and software against the new standards. Hardware mainly includes the intact rate of facilities and equipment and hardware shortages. Software mainly includes service skills, processes, attitudes, appearance and meters, etc. The Ministry of Personnel takes the lead in centralized supervision and coordination. The problems in the self-examination should be treated differently according to the situation. All the problems that can be solved by the Department must be urged to rectify immediately. For those that need to be solved by other departments, the hotel leadership shall instruct the relevant departments to rectify within a time limit, and implement the responsible persons. Then, a review shall be conducted to ensure that every project that does not meet the requirements is rectified.
      Thirdly, we should intensify the training of all staff. According to the needs of hotel evaluation review, our store has increased the training of managers and employees at all levels to create a good atmosphere for evaluation. The leaders of each department organize the whole staff to carry out star review standard and interpretation training, through various training, further expand the scope and depth of star review knowledge propaganda, so as to promote it in a point-by-point, face-to-face and layer-by-layer manner, so as to enhance the ideological awareness of all staff and meet the arrival of star review work with practical actions.
      Five-star hotel evaluation review inspection is an effective test and promotion of our store's hardware facilities, service operation, management and operation. Our store will take this review as an important opportunity to improve service quality, management level, brand image and promote sound development. It will be a treasure for the Star Review Group. Your opinions should be well implemented, further strengthen management, strictly regulate service, make every effort to build the Golden Sea magnificent service brand, maintain and improve the five-star quality of the hotel, at the same time, increase the training and publicity of staff at all levels, and create a star-level re-evaluation atmosphere, so that every employee can set clear goals and strong. With full enthusiasm and high quality service, we welcome the evaluation and review of star-rated hotels. 
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